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"My insurance tried to force me to get my specialty Rheumatoid Arthritis medication through an out-of-state mail order pharmacy. The crew at my local Montana Family Pharmacy Member store, was able to work with my insurance to fill my prescription locally, saving me a lot of worry and headache. Not to mention, my out-of-pocket cost remained the same!" – Michelle C

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Request us when you get a new prescription or transfer your existing prescriptions to us. We'll get them filled quickly at a competitive price.

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Learn How to Use Them

We'll teach you how to take your medicines so they work the best. Big brand pharmacies can't (and won't) do that.

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Get Healthy

Once you know how to make the most of your medications, you'll be healthier and more able to live the life you desire.

"My child had the world's worst diaper rash and I was unable to treat it with the standard over-the-counter creams. I asked the folks at my local Montana Family Pharmacies Member pharmacy what to do. They recommended a combination of over-the-counter medications I wouldn't have thought of on my own – and the rash was resolved in a couple of days! Thanks, guys! " – Katie

How to Get a Prescription from Us

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Ask your doctor or nurse to send your new prescriptions to us when they write you a new Rx.

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For prescriptions you already get at another pharmacy. Click the button below to find and contact your local MFP pharmacy. They'll get your prescriptions transferred over.

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Live Well

We'll fill your prescription quickly and affordably - and teach you how to use them correctly so you can live your life again.

Why Our Pharmacy?

Getting sick steals too much from you and your family, your prescriptions shouldn’t take more.

We understand how overwhelming and time-consuming it can be to get and correctly use your medicines – they just add one more thing to your never-ending list.

We’ve been helping our fellow Missoula friends and families for decades, offering competitive prices and quick, caring service.

We take the time to teach you how to use your prescriptions so you get healthy quickly – and don’t spend any more time at the doctor or pharmacy than necessary.

As a Montana Family Pharmacies® Member, we compete with big box store prices – oftentimes beating them – and we’re typically much quicker to get your prescriptions ready too.

Ask your doctor or nurse to send your new prescriptions to us, or click the ”Get a Prescription” button below to fill out a simple form so we can transfer your existing prescriptions to us.

Don’t let you or your family member’s illness control your life any longer – we can help save your time, money, and sanity!

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